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November 14, 2012
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+FleeceHat:Example+ Floppy Ear Pattern. by Stephys-Adoptables +FleeceHat:Example+ Floppy Ear Pattern. by Stephys-Adoptables
Hey guys!
So as you may have noticed, I'm trying to return from my hiatus! Things aren't perfect right now, and money is tight.. and with my tummy feeling well enough to let me sit up, It's about time I got going again!

I decided to make myself something as practice since it has been a little while since I worked on anything, you know.. so I don't butcher a hat someone actually payed for. In the process, I started this (I'll add horns on at a later date, but I mostly just wanted to make something to try out a few techniques to make sure I was good.) as a goat hat for myself! Made a new ear pattern, Going off of goat ears. Thing is, they're so big and floppy that they work for a heck of a lot of animals. Deer come to mind, I IMMEDIATELY though of Eeyore with his donkey ears, and my mom's friend thought they looked like rabbit ears. Of course, Any pattern I have can be modified, ear placement can differ per a Commissioners instructions... etc, but well! Here's a base hat just to show off my new pattern if anyone is interested in soemthing similar in the future.

I do take Commissions, They start at $35 and go up depending on what you want. One of these hats would start you at $40, but if you note me I'm happy to give quotes on whatever your design is. <3 Plus shipping, of course! I'm a bit full up on Commissions right now (As I said, I've been in Hiatus! So I've got catching up to do.) at the time of posting this, but if you send me a note I'll get back to you about when I'm free, or if I'm still full!


Hat and Design made by myself.
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ChibiMisfit Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013
omfg its so adorable!
anime1999 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what a marvelous
CartoonistThatMe Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
Wonderer1000 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
soo lovely hat!
CupcakeExploding Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Eyore from Winnie the Pooh!~ (I think that is how you spell Eyore's name.) That is really good though, it is nice and even and the stiching goes with the hat, it is very clean cut as well. Nice choice in fabric. I don't post my sewing on herebut it is one of my hobbies as well as drawing. o uo
Ahmedsunny Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
very good
drewblade Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student General Artist
omg luvs!
ScarMuzzle88 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Oh my gosh... DEM EARS...
WillowTheBunny Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Need. XD
DisturbedDimension Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
you should like give a tutorial on how to make these
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