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February 22, 2013
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+FleeceHat:Sold+ Ampharos. by Stephys-Adoptables +FleeceHat:Sold+ Ampharos. by Stephys-Adoptables
Notice I'm remaking a lot of old designs? I think I've improved this one a ton from when I first made it! of course, the first time I made it I barely knew how to thread a needle. Ehehe.

Ampharos! Gonna make a couple more for the con I think, I'm happy with how I reworked the pattern...
Also, this hat will be a TOUCH more than others I may remake in the future, purely because I used Coral fleece inside the brim. It's SUPER soft and awesome, only problem is it's $20/meter, where as I pay a LOT less for my fleece. That said, It's better quality than normal fleece and awesome, But I won't use it if I remake the hat, unless you want to pay extra for it!

This hat is for sale for $45+shipping.
Shipping to the USA is $10, Canada is $15, and most other places range between $10-$15. Feel free to ask me for a price quote on shipping, just give me your country! c:

I'll have to get a couple commissions finished next, I've got a ton of them sitting half finished here, I've been so busy!

Hat made and designed by myself!

I take Commissions! I'm a bit full now, but feel free to note me for a price quote!
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like-like-you-dream Mar 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I like it :O
YoshiofRedemption Feb 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Me wanty! I only wish I had the money to pay it.
1ianda Feb 23, 2013  Student Writer
So much want!
Ehehe, This one may be sold, but I'm always happy to remake as a Commission! c: Pass me a note if you're ever intterested.
Thank you!
I wantttttttttttttt eet.
This one might be sold, but I'm always happy to remake my hats as Commissions. <33 Feel free to note me whenever if you're ever interested!
Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it!
Thanks. n_n Unfortunately I'm poor. :C
Is that a Pikachu based design? Or, is Coral an actual character or a design style? It looks cute. Much better for a female, though. Unless, of course, a guy is really into the style. Then, it will work for him, too.

Coral looks a lot softer. It has that plush fur-like appeal. Is it durable and able to retain it's texture after being wet/washed? Just asking because some material like that gets notted up and uncomfortable.
It's Based off of Ampharos, It's a Generation two pokemon. And Coral fleece is a type of fleece, It's different than regular fleece in that it's plushier and softer and overall better quality. I picked some up the other day when it was on sale, Wihch is why I used it inside the brim of this hat. c: I only have it in yellow, so I figured why not use it on the Ampharos hat since it's yellow anyways? xD

But yeah, it does! At least for the MOST part. I often get coral fleece in the remnants bin that's got SUPER ugly patterns on it (That I can't use for hats, obviously! Things like pictures of teddy bears and puppies and things. Baby blanket type stuff.) that I end up using to make myself pillow cases with. If you wash them gently in cool water they seem fine, but over time it does seem to wear down a bit. That said, I don't recommend washing any of my hats in the machine, Washing by hand in cool water is best, so I think it should be fine.
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